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Motus Crankshaft which has been uninterruptedly active in automotive sector since 2003 under the motto of “High Performance Shared Power” is a growing trademark on both domestic and international grounds with strong infrastructure, sophisticated machinery, broad product range, immense production capacity as well as qualified and experienced personnel. Motus Crankshaft aims at becoming a rule-setting company of its sector on a global level.

Motus Crankshaft, which makes use of high quality spheroidal graphite cast iron in connection with the production process already succeeded in producing crankshafts within the regular measurement tolerances at global standarts as a consequce of an innovative technology of ADI (i.e. Austempered Ductile Iron) implemented for the first time in the country under supervision of its experienced metalurgical engineers.

Motus Crankshaft achieved to reduce the failure rate in production down to such a low level (%0,1) by virtue of the fully automatic CNC machine (i.e. robot) integrated into the production line after being imported from Europe. Motus Crankshaftadded crankshafts suitable for engines of passenger cars and commercial vehicles to the product range in addition to the ones suitable for engines of heavy duty vehicles, earth moving machines and heavy industry components which it began to produce initially.

Motus Crankshaft which produces crankshafts on its own premises under a closed area of 12.000 ² successfully exports 40% of its total production to 50 countries 15 of which are members of the European Union.

Motus Crankshaft which follows and utilises continously innoviative technologies in order to produce high quality crankshafts targets a main purpose of establishing a sustainable co-operation with its customers and dealers based upon mutual confidence. Within this scope, Motus Crankshaft employes personnel who are in charge of performing after-sales technical support upon customer demands in the regions of Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara, Adana and Konya.


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